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We realize that our success and future depends on our customers and our philosophy is “a satisfied customer is a happy customer.”

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Quotes I heard about 1626 Auto Inspections, from a friend of mine. She said they only do inspections and won't try and sell me anything or fail it for repairs not needed. I had a great experience and will bring my car back next year! The guy had me in and out very quick. Not a fancy place, The waiting room isn't big but has AC and heat. They are very friendly and professional. They ONLY do inspections. Try them!! Quotes

Quotes Tell all your friends and family about this place. It is nice to have such a great Inspection place in our community. I heard about this place around town and how they don't try and sell you things you don't need in order to pass a inspection. Nice to know there are honest people that really care. Mr. Gomez, is a really nice guy and very knowledgeable. Man, glad I stopped in, Quotes

Quotes The owner Danny Gomez, is very respectful and really cares about his customers. He will take all the time needed to make sure you are completely satisfied and answer any questions you have. I know because he answered many of mine! Such a nice man! ohh and did I say honest too? Great Place! Quotes

Quotes I have to say this place is the best experience I have had getting my vehicles inspected. I have lived in Austin for years and when I heard how good this place is from my friend, I gave them a try. I am glad I did!! I really like the the place, they are very friendly, fast and best of all HONEST!!! I will continue to bring my all my vehicles here and tell all my family about them. Try them and you will too!!! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I brought my boat trailer to this place to get inspected.. I have gone to other places in the past and had to wait for over an hour. I realize now the wait was cause they were trying to sell parts to their customers that they did not need in order to make money.At this place the wait is shorter. They had about the same amount of business only they didn't try and sell anything to their customers They only do inspections here, which is what I needed. If I needed a mechanic I would go to one!! The wait here is well worth it. It may not be a fancy place but the waiting room is nice but I enjoy sitting out on the benches and watching the trains go by. Not only are they employees nice here, all the other customers were nice. I could tell they liked this place by some of the stories they shared with me. One guy told me he has been coming here since they opened, that says a lot. I had a nice experience with this company and will be back Quotes

Quotes I have brought my car to 1626 Auto Inspections for the past 3 years. I would not go anywhere else! I appreciate their fast service and friendly staff, and their HONESTY!!! They never try to sell you anything you don't need. My car once failed due to a tail light out and the guy put a bulb in for me and it passed. I recommend this business to everyone I know. I no longer dread having to get my car inspected, thanks to this place!! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I found this place one day needing to get my car inspected. I have always hated to get my inspection done because I was always told my car needed something done to it for it to pass inspection. I was extremely happy to find out all they do is inspections. They did not try and sell me anything at all. As a single woman, it's nice to know I can trust these guys. Not only are they honest, but very friendly. I will be back nest year for sure. Quotes

Quotes For the last 7-8 years, I have taken 4-6 vehicles each year to 1626 for inspection. The quality of professionalism, and customer service provided has been outstanding. Danny is an asset to the Manchaca community. Quotes
Hymie Gonzales

Quotes If you are looking for a place to take you cars to get inspected, look no further. I was told about 1626 Auto Inspections by a friend of mine. I took my truck there, not thinking it would pass and the guy who inspected my truck told me it wouldn't pass due to a bulb!! He not only put it in for me but didn't charge me anything for labor.. I will continue to come back here and tell everyone I know about this place!!! Quotes
Thank You

Quotes I have brought my cars here for the past 5 years. This place is awesome!! They are fast and very professional in what they do! I recommend them. Gotta Try Them!! You won't go anywhere else if you do! Quotes
Happy Customer